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American Multimodal International Deliveries - AMID Logistics, LLC is an U.S. international shipping company (OTI): a licensed and bonded U.S. Freight Forwarder. Our international shipping seafreight services include, but not limited by: international shipping of boxes, crates and pallets; international shipping of multimodal sea freight containers; international shipping cars RO-RO and international shipping cars consolidated in sea freight containers; export and import of sea freight from and to the USA. Our international shipping services can be used either by commercial sea freight shippers or for international shipping of household goods. Household goods shippers should compare our international shipping sea freight services Vs. international shipping using international moving companies. We welcome you to utilize our online sea freight price calculator in your international shipping business. Our U.S. online sea freight price calculator is the part of our international shipping system. I works in real-time online 24/7. We are also welcome to participate in our Affiliates Network or/and the international shipping of sea FREIGHT FORUM.

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