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In respect of international cargo transportation from the USA overseas, DOCK RECEIPT is a document issued by an ocean freight carrier that acknowledges receipt of shipping cargo at carrier's freight terminal.

In transporting from the USA, such freight terminals known as:

In international shipping from the USA using LCL sea freight service, ocean freight carrier's dock receipt also verifies weight/measurement (W/M) of cargo received by the shipping terminal (CFS) for the further transportation from the USA overseas. 

However, in respect of dealing with U.S. international shipping companies (freight forwarders, NVOCC, VOCC) a Dock Receipt is an international shipping document provided to shippers in purpose to deliver cargo to an ocean freight carrier's freight terminal. You may consider such Dock Receipt as a "Ticket for your international sea freight shipment". Dock receipt has to be submitted to freight terminal at a time of cargo delivery to the freight terminal. Weight/measurement (w/m) information on shipping cargo from the USA, estimated at a time of booking, will be verified by the freight terminal. Finally, w/m and pieces count in Ocean freight Bill of Lading issued by ocean freight carrier, will be based on the verified w/m in the Dock Receipt.

Typically, with certain exceptions (for example, when delivering a motor vehicle for the shipping from the USA to the pier without a power of attorney given to the delivery driver), shippers do not have to be presented at a time of submitting cargo to the international transportation from the USA. Anyone authorized by the shipper, individual or business, may deliver cargo to the shipping freight terminal on shipper's behalf. Once again: International shippers may consider Dock Receipt as the "ticket to the international cargo transportation from the USA overseas".  

Dock Receipts in international shipping from the USA can be furnished in different ways: e-mailed in web links, PDF files, faxed, in hard copies by truckers when shipping freight FCL, etc.  

Dock Receipt wit AMID Logistics. Shipping from USA LCL.

With AMID Logistics, upon your booking via a freight quote obtained in our online freight calculator on shipping from USA LCL, you will receive the Dock Receipt in an email via the link in our shipping instructions. Check information in the Dock Recept and:

ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK INFORMATION IN YOUR DOCK RECEIPT! Keep in mind that our shipping instructions are unique. It is generated individually on your international shipping and pre-formatted based on the information that you have provided when booked your shipment online. Shipper's/Consignee's/Notify's party information submitted by you in your booking request online will be transformed into the bill of lading instructions to the ocean carrier and into your bill of lading after that. I.e., the information will be used in all the international shipping from USA legal purposes till your shipping goods are recovered at the destination.

When booking your shipment in our online booking form, you must double check all the submitting by you information, the accuracy, ownership, and responsibility on transport from the USA by pressing the submit button. Please keep in mind that by pressing the submit button it becomes your "virtual signature" on the shipping from the USA. 

IMPORTANT: If you will see any errors or typos, then urgently re-submit your shipping documents or ask us to do so on your behalf. No verbal correction requests will be accepted. Any corrections in your shipping documents must be written in an email.

During submitting information on your shipping from the USA, you will have several opportunities to edit and re-submit your shipping documents. However, as soon as your international shipping documents are submitted to the ocean freight carrier and your bill of lading is issued, all further corrections may be subject to amendments fees. As soon as your shipping goods are entered into the commerce zone of your destination country, all amendments in your shipping documents will be under the destination country's officials supervision.

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